Blast from the past – June 2005

Went to use my camera last night, and discovered the batteries had not been in the charger. Instead they were simply laying next to the camera. So put them into the charger, turned it on–somehow the charger had been unplugged–and today I should be good to go.

  • Sewing project of the day was a dress to wear for the Shakespeare in the Park Festival

Today is dress day here. Realized there are only two weeks before I wear my goofy getup, so it better get some progress made or I am going to look pretty darn silly wearing just pinned-on pattern tissue in the park! Luckily I am the cinematographer, so at least the cameraman would be sympathetic!

However, the mosquitoes would have a field day. As it is, every time I step outside, every skeeter in seven counties seems to converge upon me screaming “dinner!”

Skeeters are dreadful this year. Spring rains, the alignment of the planets, whatever…they are documented as worse than ever. I need to go mow my lawn, but I cringe at the thought of stirring them up. Wednesday night, we were out in the pool, but could not even last for an hour. The skeeters were thick and it was a constant battle to keep them from attacking like the birds in Hitchcock’s thriller. We gave up.

However, while we were out there, we had a very unique thing happen. Bounding past my yard went a little deer. Cute little thing. He went bouncing along up the street, where he simply stopped in the middle of the street and then he just stood there for a bit. For all I know he was checking his GPS or something…I have no idea where he went from here. Our normal wildlife we see in the yard/area/neighborhood is squirrels, birds and a few bunnies. A few years back there was a nasty flock of wild turkeys…those things are as bad as a pack of feral dogs! We had an elk walk through the neighborhood once, and a moose strolled through one time, but this was our first deer sighting.

2020 Election

Need answers to these questions, and more information, before I make any endorsements…

Minot city election 2020

I have not heard answers to these questions from the current candidates yet:

Questions for the City Council Candidates

Q: What are your thoughts on breed-specific legislation and vicious dog ordinances?

Q: Especially now that we are encountering shortages in the food supply chain, will you vote to allow people to keep chickens in the city limits of Minot?

Q: Hire from within — instead of trying to bring in a new supreme ruler ** from elsewhere over the head of the city employees, promote one of the current department heads to the city manager position.

(** 1st we had the parking garage boondoggle; 2nd we had an abusive management style. We **CAN** be taught — we do NOT need a third strike)

Question for the School Board Candidates:

Q: What is your vision for the current Central Campus building?

(If your answer is “turn it into a middle school” I will not only vote AGAINST you, I will contribute a dollar to your opponent that has a better idea)

Yes — this is not new stuff…

These questions are pretty much a rerun of my questions from the previous election, because the things that matter to me have not changed.

Even though my own children are graduated, there is still plenty of school stuff that matters to me. There are some declared candidates running for the Minot School Board, and I have some points that need to be considered by the school board candidates.

Minot Public School System needs school busses

The Minot Public School system needs to provide school bussing for students that live too far away from the schools to safely walk to school.

Originally, the MPS was designed around a “neighborhood school” system. The intent was for all children to be able to walk to the neighborhood elementary school, and that school was located within one mile of the child’s house. Currently, as I understand the plan, the school system is dreaming of switching toward fewer larger schools, with each school then having four sections (classes, most of us ordinary people would call them) for each grade.

If the schools are not going to be located in neighborhoods where children can walk to school, then the school system needs to provide bussing to get the children to the school safely.

Building a New Middle School

The MPS has been pushing for a new middle school, but the bond issue to put it in the current Central Campus building has been voted down. Twice.


Central Campus is actually in walking distance of Jim Hill Middle School. A long walk, but reasonable distance for middle school students. This means the same neighborhood children could walk to either school. A far more intelligent location for the new middle school would be to locate it on the land the school district owns near the new John Hoeven Elementary School. Then Minot would have one middle school located on the south edge, one in central Minot, and one on the north edge of town.

Minot’s New High School

A new high school should be located on the land the district owns near Erik  Ramstad Middle School, or else we could probably save on construction costs by building it in the south near John Hoeven while building the new middle school there. If Minot continues growing, eventually there will need to be one built in both of these locations.

Masks and questions

A friend of mine was sent a request for fabric face masks for the Rollette County first responders. She does not sew, so she passed it on to our wider group to see if any of us could help them. While I’m not sure exactly what they will use the homemade masks for, I was willing to try.

As the curator of a large private textile collection, plenty of supplies are available. LOL — this is the time for all good (hoarders) seamstresses to take our rightful place!

Since all the confusion over the Covid-19 virus began, I have collected several “in the hoop” mask patterns for the embroidery machine. I didn’t have a “need” for them at the time. Originally, our local hospital did not want homemade masks, but I am saved the patterns anyway. As a beginner to the embroidery machine, I am building up my pattern collection by collecting the “freebie patterns” that designers make available.

This seemed like the right time to try using those patterns. While making the masks in the hoop sounded like a good idea, it was not as easy as it sounded. I finally gave up on that idea and am now using the regular sewing machine. The patterns and instructions were not user friendly at my skill level. As it turned out, the majority of construction of these “in the hoop” patterns is done on the ironing board anyway!

I searched out patterns for the regular sewing machine. Was not excited about any of those either. What I ended up doing was bastardizing several patterns to make one design that seems to work out reasonably well. Hopefully they will be what the end users are looking for!

I did, of course, find yet **another** “free” in the hoop pattern last night, so I will have to try that one out. Hope springs eternal..

Monkey Business on the Mouse River

Roosevelt neighborhood takings

At a meeting at the Moose Lodge several years ago, a spokesman for the city of Minot commented about one intention of the resilience grant was to keep people from being financially ruined by the city’s taking of their property.

This is an established neighborhood of moderate means. People have worked very hard and paid for their houses, and they cannot afford to start making mortgage payments because somebody in another part of the city wants to profit off the backs of those of us in a less expensive neighborhood.

One intention of this resilience grant was to permit the city to make up the cost difference, because if you have a paid off, three bedroom, 1500 square foot house that is being taken by the city, you should be able to move into another paid off, three bedroom, 1500 square foot house without being driven to financial ruin in the process.

Nice Girls

Nice Girls Don’t…

In the world where I grew up, I was taught from infancy, “Nice girls get fully dressed before leaving their bedroom.”

Fully dressed includes all clothing, socks, and enclosed shoes.

It was never acceptable to walk around the house wearing stockings without shoes. Socks are an undergarment, not outerwear.

Nice girls would no more go out in public with bare feet than with a bare bottom.

At the pool or the beach, you could wear thongs or sandals, but they were not considered appropriate for street wear in public.

A few years ago, people started wearing shower shoes in public and calling them “flip flops.” About that same time, some people started asking guests in their house to remove their shoes. In my brain, that is a slightly disreputable request. I always expect the next comment to be, “Pssst…Take off your pants, and we can look at some naughty pictures.”

not so tasty chicken

slim chikn

The good, the bad, the ugly.

The lines have been insane since it opened, so we waited to try the new Slim Chickens until today. (13 Jan 2020, 1214hrs)

The cute guy ordered a Classic Meal and I ordered a Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal.

$18.79. Spendy for a fast food lunch – about five bucks more than eating at McD’s or our usual order at Subway. I pay at the counter, they give me a number and two glasses, and we go into the dining room to look for a seat.

The cute guy spotted the row of tiny tables for two. I could not see them, as they were hidden behind the bar-high tables for six. These tables for two are tiny, but we sit down and stand up the number. On the table is a cardboard corral, holding a roll of paper towels and a ketchup bottle. The table is a bit wobbly, so the corral is needed to keep the paper towels on the table. The cute guy raises his eyebrows at the roll of paper towels instead of a napkin dispenser. We laughed, assuming the need for a roll of paper towels was a good sign and promised us amazingly juicy fried chicken.

We filled our sodas from the dispenser and the server brought out our meals. The tabletop was completely filled when she set down the meal bowls. My sandwich was dry. I had expected it to be juicy chicken, dripping with gooey ranch dressing. It needed salt. The cute guy also needed salt for his meal, so he went up to get some from the rack. He brought back packets of pepper. There was no salt in the holder marked “S & P,”  just pepper.

“I’ll go to the counter and ask,” I said as I stood up.  The table rocked, and my cup hit the floor. It exploded. It had a “spillproof” lid on the cup, which was still secure, but the side was split out.

I picked up the cup and went up to the counter.  I waited as several other people were waited on. Each of the two people working the counter took several new food orders as I stood there. Finally somebody noticed me. “What can I get for you?”

I smiled. “I need salt, a new cup, sauce for my sandwich, and a mop.”

The lady working the counter handed me a cup and tossed the broken one. She called to a young man in the back to bring out salt, and went back to the front counter to take orders. He brought two salt packets and four pepper packets. I shook my head. “I don’t need any pepper — just salt.” He took back the pepper packets and brought out salt.

Half a loaf is better than none. No sauce for my sandwich, no mop…but I did get the salt and a cup. The cute guy used the roll of paper towels to mop up the floor. He didn’t like the garlic parmesan sauce he had got, so he offered it to me to try. It was more of an oil-vinegar salad dressing with garlic and parmesan – more oily than creamy. I was not impressed either.

I nibbled on a few fries. Then I picked up a French fry and saw the hair attached to it. Not a long hair of mine sitting on top, but embedded into the fry – short, black and curly. I showed it to the lady wiping the table next to us, and she was horrified. She quickly grabbed it, grabbed my bowl, and whisked it away.

A short while later, she returned with a new meal. Beaming proudly, she said “I had them remake the meal for you!”

She meant well. I wished she had not done that, as my appetite was gone. It is actually hard to destroy my appetite — I didn’t get this girlish figure by missing many meals — but I was not able to eat the replacement meal.

To be honest, I’m not sure what Slim Chicken could have done to make me happy at that point. I do know I won’t ever go back there, and I cannot give them a good review.