Plaid and Plagiarism

Plaid and Plagiarism

by Molly MacRae


Book 1 in the Highlands Bookshop Mystery Series



The mark of a really good book is that I find myself sneaking away from what I should otherwise be doing, just to get back into that world. When the characters in the book are just as real to me as the people I encounter at the local store, I know I have found a winner.

This book is a winner.

I would love to spend some quality time in Yon Bonnie Books, sitting by the cozy fire and reading snippets of new books while I decided which one to embrace first. Doing this while munching on tasty confections from the adjoining tearoom would be fun in fantasy, but in reality, the idea would be frightening to a bookseller!

While I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters in this book, it was a bit dismaying to find that I most closely resembled the murder victim. Luckily, I have no burning desire to travel to the Isle of my forefathers, so I will remain safe from the guilty party in this tale!

The reason for the murder made total sense to me, as did the solution. On the other hand, the character flaw that got the victim murdered was not the flaw that made me say “Serves you right!”

I am totally unfamiliar with Scotland‘s legal process, but I do know that this would not be a trial where I would want to serve on the jury. Once upon a time, rumor had it that certain places accepted “he needed killin’…” as a valid defense. Were I working on the defense legal team, I just might be tempted to apply for a change of venue to one of those places.