Blast from the past – June 2005

Went to use my camera last night, and discovered the batteries had not been in the charger. Instead they were simply laying next to the camera. So put them into the charger, turned it on–somehow the charger had been unplugged–and today I should be good to go.

  • Sewing project of the day was a dress to wear for the Shakespeare in the Park Festival

Today is dress day here. Realized there are only two weeks before I wear my goofy getup, so it better get some progress made or I am going to look pretty darn silly wearing just pinned-on pattern tissue in the park! Luckily I am the cinematographer, so at least the cameraman would be sympathetic!

However, the mosquitoes would have a field day. As it is, every time I step outside, every skeeter in seven counties seems to converge upon me screaming “dinner!”

Skeeters are dreadful this year. Spring rains, the alignment of the planets, whatever…they are documented as worse than ever. I need to go mow my lawn, but I cringe at the thought of stirring them up. Wednesday night, we were out in the pool, but could not even last for an hour. The skeeters were thick and it was a constant battle to keep them from attacking like the birds in Hitchcock’s thriller. We gave up.

However, while we were out there, we had a very unique thing happen. Bounding past my yard went a little deer. Cute little thing. He went bouncing along up the street, where he simply stopped in the middle of the street and then he just stood there for a bit. For all I know he was checking his GPS or something…I have no idea where he went from here. Our normal wildlife we see in the yard/area/neighborhood is squirrels, birds and a few bunnies. A few years back there was a nasty flock of wild turkeys…those things are as bad as a pack of feral dogs! We had an elk walk through the neighborhood once, and a moose strolled through one time, but this was our first deer sighting.