Nice Girls

Nice Girls Don’t…

In the world where I grew up, I was taught from infancy, “Nice girls get fully dressed before leaving their bedroom.”

Fully dressed includes all clothing, socks, and enclosed shoes.

It was never acceptable to walk around the house wearing stockings without shoes. Socks are an undergarment, not outerwear.

Nice girls would no more go out in public with bare feet than with a bare bottom.

At the pool or the beach, you could wear thongs or sandals, but they were not considered appropriate for street wear in public.

A few years ago, people started wearing shower shoes in public and calling them “flip flops.” About that same time, some people started asking guests in their house to remove their shoes. In my brain, that is a slightly disreputable request. I always expect the next comment to be, “Pssst…Take off your pants, and we can look at some naughty pictures.”