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Blast from the past — January 10, 2006

(not much has changed in thirteen years — and I **still** have a fistfull of raffle tickets to unload!
On the other hand, “job openings” are really not located in the newspaper classified ad section any longer. While the newspaper does still publish classified ads, far more of the job openings are found online than in print now)


There was an ad in the paper on Sunday, so I went over and threw my resume into the hopper for it. It was the strangest experience to hear them say that they are going to accept resumes until the 17th, and then they will go through the resumes and narrow down the job description. Huh???
Silly me–I thought the objective was to figure out what duties you needed to hire a person to do, then go look for a person to fill that slot. Odd thinking indeed. The way I read it, I guess they meant they want to find somebody they choose to add in to their happy little group, and then they will tailor the job to fit that person.
Whatever. There was no definite info on job duties, hours, or pay that has been set as of yet. So I do not know if I would fit into this job or not. If it pays the big bucks, I might want it. Or not.
The unsold raffle tickets in my possession keep multiplying. I have a bunch to unload for the 2nd Story fundraiser, and now the school has a carnival coming up so they have also “gifted” me with some for that. Gahhhhhhhh. I am not a salesperson. That “salesman” role is the one thing that I know will NOT be included in that job I applied for, however. I would need a new wardrobe for it, which is a plus. Or a minus? No, new clothes are definitely a plus. And my wardrobe is sorely lacking at this point in time.

The house is slowly coming down over there. The garage is gone, and much of the north wall of the house is missing. The city put up that yellow keep out tape–after watching cop shows for all these years, I always expect the stuff to read “crime scene–do not cross” but it just says keep out — danger — keep out.
I have no idea what will happen to the lot after the house is removed. I do not think it is a very large lot, so I do not really expect to have somebody come in and build a new house there. And this is a neighborhood of very old houses, anyway. Of course, if you did come in and build in an established neighborhood, the next developer could not come up and build a big apartment building behind your house. Several times over the years, I have seen places where people built these fancy custom homes, then another builder comes in and puts up a bunch of condos in the same general area. That would anger me to no end, but it does not make it on to my list of stuff to worry about this week. My “dream house building project” sits many years down the road, indeed. Not even a road I have stepped upon yet…