stepping into the (quilt) zone

Stitch Delight Construction Quilt

This is my personal journey into the Stitch Delight Construction Quilt.

I cannot call it a tutorial, because I have no idea what I am doing – yet.

This is a journey, and it will be fun.

Come along for the ride, and we will figure this out as we go!


Flannel for the quilt backing.





The first block for each quilt has their initials.



The embroidery machine has a screen for you to select which block you want to stitch out.



This block has a new technique — applique.

Trimming it close was harder than it sounds. Possibly because this is a technique that gets easier with practice. (I sure **hope** it gets easier, anyway!)





Stitching over the edges of the applique.

Second block number one is done!

Technically this isn’t magic, but it sure comes close!