I am searching for technical info so I can put a picture on the banner.  What I would consider the perfect solution is to have the last picture from the post be the “cover shot” at the top. If there was no photo uploaded for the post, I would have a generic picture.

I just uploaded one to be my **insert random technical word here** ummm – cannot remember, but it had to be square. So I <I>thought</I>  it was going to be showing up on my header for each page, but it did not appear there.

Somewhere in cyberspace, a picture of Eeyore and the turkeys is rotating endlessly…

I am coming to the end of my current work contract, so I will have a bit more time to actually sit down and put the pencil on the paper. This was not a writing position, but after a day of work I found no time to sit down and write.

Were I honest, I would admit that time does not have much to do with inspirational writing, but it has everything to do with the craft of putting words onto paper. Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Similar clichés are endless — 90% of accomplishment is just showing up, etc… The bottom line is, if I do not sit down and get the words out of my head and onto the paper, there will be nothing to show.



Turkeys And Scarecrows


We hunted for something like this for years, and finally realized that the only way to bring him into our Thanksgiving display was to make him ourselves!

Eeyore and Pooh were both made from one single sheet of exterior plywood.

I had thought about doing something larger, but discovered that using the half-sheet is as much weight as I can maneuver for painting. Even as a half sheet, it was still pretty heavy for me to lift.

In order to keep the plywood from scratching my table, I used an old afghan over the table to provide a cushion layer between the two flat pieces of wood.




This little scarecrow girl was the very first one we purchased for our autumn yard.

She still makes me smile.
She has held up very well over the years, as the November weather in North Dakota has plenty of extreme events. She has encountered wind and rain, ice and blizzards, sun and snow…but she keeps smiling!


Pooh was the other half of the plywood sheet.

He started out as a four-foot-square piece of plywood.

Now everybody knows how **I** spent my summer vacation!



Turkeys and scarecrows and big smiles galore!