Radio Red

Radio Red

by Mark R Hunter


Radio Red by Mark R Hunter is a fun romp through the inner workings of a low budget radio station. It has everything I want in a book – a touch of romance, a touch of mystery, and plenty of laughs!

From the opening scene, to the final chase scene, I enjoyed everybody in this fast-moving story. Jumping to conclusions is my favorite form of exercise, so I especially loved it when poor Aaron thinks the Stephan King book he is reading has come to life.

Radio Red bounces quickly, extricating Aaron and Kirsten from imagining they are in the middle of a terrifying movie scene to Kirsten learning how to operate a radio station. She becomes comfortable in her on-air persona and masters operating the studio machines and the remote studio. As soon as she starts thinking she might like working at the radio station, she becomes the target of  a mad saboteur. Kirsten battles wits with the vandal as she tries to discover who is trying to set her up to take the blame for ruining the radio station.

Peopled with some entertaining minor characters to keep things moving, this story is a very fast read. Radio Red is peopled with characters that could easily be my real-life neighbors

Aaron and Kirsten end up falling in love against their will. In between all the silly hijinks of the humans – was it Dear Abby or Shakespeare who said the path of true love never runs smooth? But then again, why should humans get to have all the fun? After all, the Lake Bellaire Plaid Sock Monster could easily become a worthy villain in its own right – as long as nobody decides to call out the National Guard to attack it.

Good escape fiction wraps up all the loose ends in a satisfying manner, and I really enjoyed the way Radio Red tied that bow!





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Radio Red by Mark R Hunter really should be available at your local public library! If it is not, ask them to order a copy, because this book is fun.



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