Quilt Update

Moving at a snail’s pace, but moving just the same…

As I grumble that all my captions just got erased, I will try this again. Starting a new block here…

Pattern I am following for this block
You can see the quilting stipple — each block is quilted individually, then they will all get sewn together. Eventually…
making Harry Potter glasses on a cat’s face…
Done stitching, but the threads are not yet trimmed
rear corner of the forklift
Six and seven were just “blank blocks” with only the number and the quilting stipple. Eight takes us back into the design
Nice machine – it has an enclosed cab
and even a windshield!
Every big forklift needs controls to operate it!
Pinned them together to get an idea of what it will look like
Quilt one
Quilt two

Hopefully, the boys will have their quilts this year — I set a goal of having them done for Christmas. I think that is a realistic goal…

Cross your fingers!

One thought on “Quilt Update”

  1. Those blocks look great! The denim is a good choice for the boys. Are you making the game pieces too?

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