Fab Fit Fun

  Fab Fit Fun Box


This review is not sponsored by anybody.
Clearly I am doing it wrong, because when I review products, I have to pay the retail price for the stuff, just like everybody else.

They did not give me a free box. I will not get a kickback if you buy one of these boxes. I do not have any fancy handy-dandy coupons to offer you — but there are several different  coupons out there — look for one. Yes, I did use one of the coupons to buy mine, because ten bucks is ten bucks!

I dithered for a while before I decided, “yes, I will try this.” I read dozens of ads for it. After I clicked on one Fab Fit Fun promo and read it, suddenly every time I went on the internet, several more ads for it popped up.

**insert shocked face here**

I am certain I read either a promo or a comment in several places about it coming to you in a fun, reusable box. Fun, yes. Pretty. yes. Crunched – sadly, yes. Cuts down on that whole “reusable” factor, but we will see. I do have a serious cardboard box hoarding vibe going.

The travel bag / duffle bag — the terms seem to be used interchangeably in the description, but this was the item I chose as my purchase. I actually selected the bag and I selected a bucket hat, which I am hoping will keep my head from getting sunburned this summer. I do not really like wearing baseball caps, so I am hoping this cute bucket hat will work for me. The hat matches the bag, so it makes for a fun travel pair!

I have seen several different versions of how the box is marketed – one version is you pay for eight sample products but get eight full size things instead, one version I saw said you purchase three items and get five free, one said you pick out five items and get three bonus items…oddly enough, no matter how they market the box, you are supposed to get eight items inside it.   

The other six items were all surprises. Or bonus prizes. However you want to look at it.


I have never tried this kind of slippers before. My mommy called them “mules” back in the day. Not sure what the current term is for them. The tag does say they are “Splendid,” so that is encouraging!

Island of Italy Bath Gel.

Peach Champaign fragrance. The bottle looks just like my last bottle of dog shampoo, so I will need to read the label before I grab it.

Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule.

Dunno. You got me on this one. Teeny tiny print on the box for the instructions. I will need to grab my Sherlock Hemlock magnifying glass and figure this stuff out.

Cocofloss Tropical Trio Dental Floss

Smells good. Fruity.

99 yards of dental floss. Or, as the cute guy put it “a three year supply of dental floss”


I read it as “sale.”

Several times.

Puffy things.

At first I saw this product as earmuffs, but it turns out they are “reusable beauty rounds.”

I’m guessing they are an updated version of the powder puff.

Sorbus Cosmetic Organizer Case

This box was also crunched, but the plastic organizer was unharmed. I wonder if I would be more inclined to actually follow through with a beauty routine if I had all my stuff organized? I have good intentions of doing these things, but I do not always succeed.

So that is my Fab Fit Fun box.




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